Both my girls have attended YMS and we couldn’t be happier. The teachers are extremely caring and really go the extra mile for their students. The school itself is clean and spacious and the director, Nadia, holds student well being and safety as a top priority. Communication with the school is easy and they are great with responding to any questions or concerns you may have. YMS is truly a gem in York region.

Hanaa H.

We are delighted to send our two children to York Montessori School. Our eldest has been at YMS for 2 years, during which time we have seen him grow in independence and confidence as a learner. He always comes home with a smile and proudly speaks about his accomplishments that day. His growth is in no small part due to the outstanding teachers and staff who work tirelessly to create a nurturing, stimulating and loving environment for children to learn. When our youngest was of age to attend YMS, we did not hesitate to enrol him.

I.T. & C.Y.

York Montessori has been part of our lives for 5 years now, with one child already graduated and another one left with just another year to go in the program. We are convinced that we could not have made a better choice for our children.

Not only has York Montessori given our children an excellent academic base, the teachers and Ms. Nadia have help shaped them into responsible, confident, and loving individuals.

For this are ever grateful.


York Montessori School has been a second home for our kids for a number of years. Our son graduated from the YMS program in 2013 and our daughter is in the graduating class this year. It is with mixed emotions that we prepare to graduate from the school as a family. We are thrilled that we chose YMS for the early years of our children’s development but we are sad to be leaving the YMS family.

YMS has provided so much for our children. It has given them a strong academic foundation in their formative early years. As importantly, it has provided them with a nurturing environment that helped develop their confidence as well as their social and communication skills. There was a never a grumble to get there in the morning and always a smile at pick up in the afternoon.

The teachers and staff at YMS are second to none. They are warm, caring and knowledgeable. They adapt their teaching styles to meet the unique needs of each child and ensure that every child is supported to meet their true potential. They show a genuine interest in the children and their growth.

The director is very open and receptive to feedback and is intimately involved in the day-to-day operations of the school. She takes pride in her school and interest in the children that attend. She knows every child and every family and makes you feel that you are part of the YMS community.

We always felt that we knew what our children were learning and were confident that YMS offers an authentic Montessori education. Prior to enrolling our son at the age of 2, we looked at a variety of schools in the area. We chose YMS because it had all the elements we were looking for in a preschool and most importantly, it had a warm and personal feel. Without reservation, we would highly recommend YMS. We are confident that we made the right investment for the academic and social development of our children.


“If you are looking for a Montessori education and start for your children, then look no further. York Montessori School is an authentic Montessori, staffed with truly caring and loving souls. We fell in love with this intimate school 3 years ago when we enrolled our eldest daughter in the toddler program at age 2. She was very shy and timid and almost immediately we noticed a difference in her. She adapted right away to the friendly and caring environment and is now a proud graduate this year. She reads and writes beautifully, has a great sense of Math, Geography and French, and is in love with learning.

It is truly amazing to watch your children enjoy learning and have confidence in themselves and their abilities. This is the greatest Gift that YMS had given her. This year we were excited to place our youngest daughter in the toddler program and she too has thrived thus far.

This school is small which in turn provides more personalized care and had a very open policy with parents. We as parents not only want our children to get an education but we want them to want to learn and we want them to be cared for in a clean and caring environment. YMS is a beautiful school and I highly recommend any parent looking to give their child a head start”.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart for taking such good care of our girls.

Zara and Dimaz Ladak

Over the past six years we have had two children go through the montessori program at York Montessori school. After reading several books about the Montessori Method I knew that it was the best approach to education for my kids. We have been incredibly pleased and grateful for the attention, care and education they have received. We credit the wonderful teacher’s at the school for our sons curiosity, creativity and love of learning. York Montessori has allowed my kids to develop into self-confident children with an absolute pure love of learning and curiosity for how things work. York Montessori School is one of the best in the area because they are accredited by CCMA and follow the montessori methods authentically.

Without hesitation we kept our kids in the Casa program rather then the full day kindergarten because of the excellent academic program at the school and we never had a second thought about our choice. My eight year old was able to transition into the public french immersion system without challenges a few years ago and I know my five year old will do well moving into grade 1 french immersion next year. In fact the daily french lessons at York Montessori provided the building blocks to developing the french language.

We could not imagine sending my kids to any other school.

Tania and Michael

As a parent of 2 and 4 year olds enrolled in York Montessori, it is with great confidence that I recommend this school. If you are in search of a nurturing, educational and well-rounded child-care program, look no further. Teamed with experienced and caring teachers, my children receive the best in Montessori education. They are eager to get to school every morning and leave with the widest of smiles in the afternoon. Not only do my children come home having obtained valuable educational tools, but they come away happy and confident. The school has a wonderful optional catering menu that is nutritious and well received by my children (especially important for this working mom!). The before and after school programs are convenient for parents and fun for kids as are the camps that are offered outside of the school year. The Director takes great care in her school and students; this is vividly evident from the moment one enters York Montessori. The environment is warm and personal and my children are treated with respect and seen as an individuals- a very rare but important element when choosing a school for your little ones! Prior to enrolling my children, I visited and researched many many schools in York region and am thrilled to have decided on York Montessori. It is a school where your children will learn, laugh and develop the skills to take them beyond their pre-school years. A true Montessori, York Montessori is the greatest educational gift I have given my children.

Parisa Michailidis

For the past three years, we trusted York Montessori School with the full time early childhood care and development of our only daughter.  The choice of YMS is one that we are very proud of.  Her educational and social development exceeded all expectations.  If you ask our daughter about “what she wants to be when she grows up”, she plans to open a Montessori school, teach young children and help them learn French.  She truly loved her teachers at YMS.  They’re her inspiration.

Even though my wife and I had no prior experience with Montessori schooling, our daughter fit well with the learning philosophy.  In the early going she gravitated towards the older children, which accelerated her development.  She learned early the importance of sharing, reads at an advanced level, amazes us with her logical thinking, and demonstrates her abilities with math as well.  Independent, polite and respectful to others, Kiana’s teachers have done a great job.  The after school program also provided a variety of alternate activities: arts/crafts, singing/dancing, and some physical fitness training.

Our daughter made many friends through her years at YMS.  We’ve been lucky to meet the wonderful parents of these children at events within and outside the school.

From the bottom of our hearts, we do not hesitate to recommend York Montessori as a sound investment in the future development of any parent’s child.

Mae and Stephen Fraser

Enrolling my son into York Montessori has been one of the best decisions me and my wife has made for his future. I highly recommend YMS to anyone who is looking for a school for their child. Here’s some more detailed information based on my wife and I’s experience so far.

Staff: The staff we have met have been amazing – teachers are very warm, experienced, and patient. In the parent/teacher interviews, there’s sufficient time for us to get our questions answered and we’re invited to set-up separate meetings if necessary. The Director and Admin staff are extremely accommodating and responsive as we’ve had to make last-minute requests for extended care on a few occasions and they always have made it work.

Program: Since starting at YMS (Toddler program and now in Pre-Casa), my son has learned so many new skills that wow us and is so proud when he shows them off. He’s always happy to go to YMS, a testament to the great program there. We get daily reports on sleep, meals, and potty plus detailed write-ups on the report cards. When comparing the information YMS provides vs. other Montessori’s that my friends use, YMS wins hands-down. Parents receive an orientation on the material that the children use and explain why it helps.

Food: YMS provides a healthy variety of food for lunch and snacks. It rotates weekly and changes each season. They have policies to accommodate common allergies (e.g. no nuts) and they are good at checking if something is brought in from the outside (e.g. treats for a bday).

Security/Cleanliness: We feel that our son is always safe at YMS. Their doors are locked, security cameras in place, good maintenance of property (e.g. snow removal), reminders about driving carefully in the parking lot, and play areas are safe. The classrooms are kept clean – never a problem.

Extras: The curriculum has a number of social activities for parents. For example, they have a “cheese and wine” event for parents to socialize and learn about the program, a fun BBQ in the summer, field trips for older children and attractions brought into the classroom for younger children who are not yet ready for field trips.

Dat K.

My daughter graduated from YMS. she started there when she was just 18 months old. My wife and I had peace of mind everyday when we used to leave her there, and were watching her learning and enjoying the time there. The principle and teachers are very professional and caring. My daughter still talks about her second home (YMS) and loves them so much.
I should also mention that the academic level of YMS is excellent, and that was a very solid foundation for my daughter’s education up to now.

I would like to thank the principle and teachers for all the care, attentions and love provided to my daughter.

Ebi Gheyassi

My child is three when she entered the CASA program. The principal and teachers are extremely helpful and responsive with our enquiries. My child loves being with her teachers and looked very much forward to going to school. In the beginning she cried, but soon she adapted well, and loved learning the phonics and practical life. My child also loves playing outdoor at school. The school has been instrumental in communicating the school philosophy, and explaining class materials to parents during information session and teacher-parent interview. We also get updates, newsletters and pictures from the school to learn about my girl’s life at school. I would recommend the school to friends who are interested in montessori teaching.

Elizabeth Liu

“It was a love at first sight when I first visited York Montessori School. The little wooden tables, chairs and floor gave me a good hygienic feeling, plus all the students were behaving very well working both individually or as a group. I thought to myself this was the place where I wanted my two year old to start playing and learning.

Some of the things that I like about YMS are:

– small intimate school environment
– management is always proactive and responsive
– Teachers are cheerful, caring and helpful. Sometimes even go out of their ways to accommodate your request
– all staff are very knowledgable and capable in terms of how to handle the needs of different children
– sufficient school events to keep parents in the loop and educated

Now I have both my children in YMS and I continue to see improvements around the school. I really appreciate everything the staff and management have done for us. Thank you for guiding, assisting and witnessing many of my children’s milestones with us!”

W.L and J.L

As our son completes his last year of schooling at York Montessori, we look back at the past few years and it is clear that we have made the best decision in choosing YMS for his education.

Meeting Nadia 4 years ago as she proudly gave me a tour of her school, I was pleasantly struck by the utmost cleanliness and organization of her classrooms. As she thoroughly explained the curriculum and the dynamics of her school, I immediately knew that I had found the right place for our son. Needless to say, we have not been disappointed.

Nadia has carefully selected a wonderful team of motivated, dedicated and loving individuals to care for the children. From day one, we have always been greeted with a smile and treated with great mutual respect. Our son truly enjoys learning and for us to witness his development into a happy, confident and well-rounded child is a great reflection of the efforts of his highly-skilled teachers. It is reassuring to see that everyone at YMS work together towards the same common goal: ensuring that the children develop and succeed to their fullest potential.

We feel honoured and privileged to be part of the York Montessori family. If you are searching for an exceptional and authentic Montessori education for your child, look no further, YMS is the answer. You will have peace of mind knowing that your child is experiencing the highest quality of teaching in a safe, nurturing and respectful environment.

Thank you YMS for giving our son the solid foundation for his continued development.

Wishing you much continued success,
Patricia & Jean-Noel

We visited a number of schools before choosing York Montessori for our son. We decided on YMS because we felt they had a personal and nurturing touch. We have not been disappointed. The teachers and staff at YMS are caring, warm and professional. The school doesn’t have the impersonal feel that many of the others we visited did. We feel confident that they have our son’s and family’s best interests at heart. Our daughter will be starting in the fall and we have no doubt that she too will be in great hands.


I visited many montessori schools in our area before choosing York Montessori for my daughter. My only regret is not starting her at age 2 instead of at age 4. Even with her relatively late entry to the program she has thrived. York Montessori provides a safe, clean, nurturing environment that follows an authentic Montessori approach to learning. I feel completely secure when I drop her off each day that she will learn something and that she will have the best care. When we found out my daughter had selective mutism, the director and the teachers put a lot of effort into working with us to implement strategies without compromising Montessori principles. A large part of the success my daughter has achieved to date in combatting her selective mutism is directly attributable to the caring and support she receives at York Montessori. She will enter grade 1 next year reading and writing above grade level. Her confidence and independence have grown tremendously. I would not hesitate to recommend York Montessori.

Angela Levy

If you are really aware of the impact of those early years on a child’s development there is no other method of education that is as well rounded, academic and practical preparation for real-life. Researching and finding an accredited Montessori school is the only way to ensure that your child is getting an authentic Montessori education. At York Montessori, you are getting “the real thing” as well as many other things a discerning parent would look for. A spotless environment, caring and involved teachers, a balanced curriculum that nurtures the whole child and so on…My husband and I came across Montessori purely by accident as we were searching for child care options. Like some of you we had a variety of choices including Grandma’s house and part-time work for one parent. We wanted to keep our “daycare” option open as well so we began our tours. When we finally made it to York Montessori, we were pleasantly shocked at the level of care available. Believe me, we had gone into “daycares” where we would not even want to remove our shoes, never-mind leaving our toddler there to play on the floor. During our tour we noticed the clean and inviting atmosphere as well as the positive and engaging interactions that were going on between the staff and the children. How could we not choose YMS??? We registered our child and have never looked back or thought twice about the money. Yes there are “other” options, even now with the all day kindergarten however, after doing the research and experiencing YMS those other options pale in comparison when we consider the outcomes. As parents, we have a limited amount of time to nurture our children as best we can before they venture out on their own. In our opinion, a Montessori education is the best start you can give your child. Our responsibility as parents is to advocate for our children developing their full potential and to ensure we prepare them for life in a rapidly changing world. Visit YMS and research, research research. Two excellent places to start are the CCMA website (a not for profit organization that accredits authentic Montessori schools in Canada) as well as Trevor Eissler’s website (an informed parent advocate of Montessori education). You will never regret this investment in your child’s future!

A and I

Staff and Teachers are very friendly and open to discussion so that I know what’s going on with my kids.
Good meal plan so that I don’t have to worry about my kids getting junk food.
My first son graduated from YMS and now is still doing/behaving well in grade school because of good foundation/training
acquired in YMS.
We haven’t shopped around and sent my second son to YMS right away.

Curtis and Cecilia

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